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Monitoring Hubble

Hubble ships with a default Grafana configuration to monitor sync and perf.

If you used the install script, open localhost:3000 in a browser to see your dashboard. If you used docker manually or installed from source, you may need to set this up yourself.

Setting up monitoring

  1. Start grafana and statsd
docker compose up statsd grafana
  1. Enable monitoring on your Hub by setting this in your .env

If you are running hubble from source, you can pass this in as a command line argument

yarn start --statsd-metrics-server
  1. Restart your hub

  2. Open Grafana in a browser at The default username/password is admin/admin. You will need to change your password on first login

  3. Go to Settings -> Datasource -> Add new data source and select Graphite. Set the URL to http://statsd:80 and click Save & Test to make sure it is working

  4. Go to Settings -> Dashboard -> Add New -> Import, and in the Import from Panel JSON, paste the contents of the Default Grafana Dashboard